Intergrity Week 2014



Event Descriptions

Monday 10/20/14


·       Party Smart & Party Safe

Ø  “That was a great party wasn’t it!?” Come join Student Judicial Affairs, HEROES and Public Safety for safe party tips for the goers and throwers. Prior to and after the workshop students have the chance to participate in a DUI Checkpoint mock course. This workshop will give you tools to make better choices when partying so that you can party smart and party safe.

·       DMCA Copyright Criminals Movie

Ø  Join us for a free screening of Copyright Criminals, a documentary film about the rise of hip-hop music and the associated legal issues surrounding sampling and copyright. This 53-minute film is a must-see for hip-hop enthusiasts, musicians, and anyone with an interest in remixing, mashing up or editing sound, video, or images. Free Pizza and Drinks.

·       #WWYD What would you do? What would you do if someone tested your integrity?

Ø  What would you do if someone tested your integrity? Join your fellow RAs as you become apart of a live integrity scenario. Each scenario the group will be submersed into and have to make a choice on how they would behave. The scenarios can range from academics, alcohol, peer pressure, relationships, bag of money, quiet hours (community living).  Please join us for an fun and interactive evening.


Tuesday 10/21/14

·       “Donut Cheat” Academic Resource Fair

Ø  Academic Integrity is a very integral portion of your academic career. There are many resources on campus for you to succeed academically without having to stress. Participate in the academic resource fair, learn about departments & clubs on campus that will help you succeed.  Donuts will be handed out to those who complete a round through the fair and make the commitment to ‘DO-NOT CHEAT”

·       What faculty & staff need to know about the Academic Integrity Policy? Classroom Integrity…Tips, Tools, Tricks and Treats! 

Ø  Got students?  How about issues of Unauthorized Collaboration, Plagiarism, or Cheating? Have you have encountered any of these academic misconduct violations in your classroom or think that you might, then this lunch discussion session is for you.  Come and learn new ways to minimize and address academic misconduct in your classroom, as well as strategies to address classroom disruption.  Creating a culture of classroom integrity is not accidental.  Come and see how its done. Light lunch will be provided.

·       Plagiarism Plague: Recognize and Prevent It

Ø  Ensure you academic career at UC Merced is plagiarism free. While we are regularly reminded to avoid plagiarism, we may not always know what that means.  We know we can’t copy paragraphs of text from a book and call it our own, but what other behaviors are included? Join this session in order to clearly identify plagiarism and build strategies to prevent plagiarism in your own work.  Come prepared to participate and learn!

·       Integrity Movie Night- Flight

Ø  Are you a Denzel Washington Fan? If so, join us for a movie screening of his popular film, Flight. Where ASUCM President, Ivan Flores, will lead a discussion on the controversial decisions made in the movie and how personal values and integrity influence the decisions made.

Wednesday 10/22/14

·       When no one is watching…

…What are you doing when it comes to recycling, water consumption, and your daily purchases? This workshop will bring to light essential questions and concepts  about how consciously we live our lives and make decision that affect the environment. After this workshop you will walk away with a greater perspective, sense of responsibility, and tools for creating a positive environmental impact.

·       Service Project

Ø Help us inform the community on the use and consumption of water and reusable bags. We will be traveling out to selected food stores in Merced and passing out resources and information for families. Make a difference in the local community and help save our environment. Sign up on Catlife.



Thursday 10/23/14

·      Integrity in the workplace- day long series

Ø  Nice guys don’t finish last, especially in the workplace. In fact, according to a recent study from the New York Times employers want integrity from all of their employees- and not just on the clock. Attend our three series of Workshops “Integrity in Resume Building,” “Social Media and Professionalism” and “Integrity During Your Job Search“ as part of Integrity Week on October 23rd. Find out if your resume, tweets, posts, and interviews are sound in judgment and character. Joining us at 10am to speak and share his experiences on integrity in the workplace will be Executive Team Lead of Operations, Bradley Perez from Target.  All students in attendance will receive business card holders.

Friday 10/24/14

·       I-week Celebration

Ø  Come celebrate the culmination of UC Merced’s second annual Integrity Week.  Having personal integrity, academic integrity, civic & environmental integrity, and professional integrity all are essential to be stewards of the UC Merced community. Join us in celebrating Integrity we live with daily as UC Merced Bobcats. Soul’d Out Poetry Slam hosted by CAB will be an exciting evening with kettle corn, a photo booth, and giveaways.