Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

If you're a UC Merced parent, this is an excellent place to start. Read through the FAQ below. For additional concerns, contact us and we'd be happy to address them. For any student-related questions, you might visit the Student FAQ, accessible by the sidebar to the left or the menu above this text.

General Questions

My son/daughter has a disciplinary case; can I be informed about the case?

No, under the California Privacy Laws as well as the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), parents cannot be informed unless their student provides OSC with written consent. There are exceptions for students under the age of 18.

Can I be present while my son/daughter is meeting with the Office of Student Conduct?

Yes, only if the student allows the parent to be present during the meeting.

Can I speak for my son/daughter at the meeting or hearing?

Parents may serve as a support person during the meeting or hearing but cannot interfere, disrupt the meeting or speak on the student’s behalf.  

Should I hire an attorney for my son/daughter?

Students most often hire attorneys when there are criminal charges that relate to the incident. The accused student has the primary responsibility for presenting their side of the case, with the advisor serving in a supportive and advisory capacity. The attorney may not represent or speak for the student except at a hearing, the attorney or other support person may make the closing statement on behalf of the student.