Frequently Asked Questions for Students

If you're a UC Merced student, this is an excellent place to start. Read through the FAQ below. If you still have a concern, we'd be happy to address it.

When a Report is Made

How are students notified that they have been reported to OSC?

When a student is alleged to have violated the Code of Student Conduct (CSC), the student will receive an email from a Student Conduct Officer. This email will contain a Conduct letter in which the letter describes the possible codes that have been violated. Typically, the student will receive a meeting time to meet with a Conduct Officer to discuss the allegations and possible sanctions/outcomes if applicable.  

What should be done once a student receives an email notice that a report has been made to OSC?

Once a student has received an email notice from OSC, the student should respond to the email. Responding to the email will formalize a meeting time and date to discuss the allegations being brought against the student. This is the students opportunity to respond to the allegations prior to any decision being made with respect to a violation(s).

What if the student does not respond to the notice?

If the student does not respond to the notice, the student will loose their right to state their case to a Student Conduct Officer. The Student Conduct Officer may proceed with making a determination as to the findings and issue sanctions as applicable with out the students input.

What if the student is out of town, and cannot make a deadline for a meeting?

The student should email ( immediately in order to reschedule a meeting with the Student Conduct Officer.  If the student does not give notice of their absence, the Student Conduct officer may proceed with making a decision as to a violation(s) of the Code of Student Conduct absent the Student’s input.