Frequently Asked Questions for Students

If you're a UC Merced student, this is an excellent place to start. Read through the FAQ below. If you still have a concern, we'd be happy to address it.

Reported Academic Misconduct and the Student’s Grade

Can a student who receives an “F” on a plagiarized paper and fails the class as a result re-take the class?

Yes, the student still has the opportunity to re-take the class. Students should refer to the Academic Advising website for further information. (

Will the “F” appear on his/her transcript?

Yes, the “F” will appear on the student’s transcript.  Refer to the advising website (

Will the "F" be included in the student's GPA?

Yes. Refer to the advising website (

Can a student drop out of a class after being reported to the Office of Student Conduct?

Yes, but the case against the student will proceed and sanctions will still be assessed, if applicable, per procedures outlined in the Code Student Conduct. (See Section 603.50)